"At Full Heart" is a non-profit civil association. It has no political purposes and it´s aim is to give a hand to those who are in need of help. We are a group of people who devote ourselves to poor children and their families.


The Association is not subsidized. We´d be really grateful to those who are willing to cooperate. Meals, footwear, clothes... summing up whatever contributes to give the kids a better life quality.


Most of their parents are unemployed due to the economical situation of our country which has affected them a lot more than others. We "look after" them as much as we can but it´s not enough, that´s why those who can give us what they need would be really appreciated but now it´s only our most precious dream.


"Children are the future of a Nation", many say so watch out and draw all our attention to them.


Mouth only plenty of words are useless what they need is action: let´s start to struggle then.